CodeCon Tasmania - Camping, Coding, Collaborating/

Don't forget to bring...

As much of the following as you can:


  • Bring a tent, or share with a friend who has one.
  • If it has no ground sheet, bring a tarp. If you bring a tarp, tie the edges up so they're off the ground and inside the walls. If not rain and/or dew might make everything inside your tent wet. (Really sucks).


  • Something to sleep in eg sleeping bag
  • Something to sleep on, eg sleeping mat or airbed (don't forget the pump) or both (airbed for comfort, mat for a layer of insulation because airbeds get cold) - or maybe a camp bed
  • A good pillow can make even rocky ground seem comfortable.

Camping Equipment:

  • Gas Stove, or fuel stove, or share with a friend who has one.
  • Something cook food with (pots and pans)
  • Something to store food and drink in (an eski)
  • A folding chair will be a good idea (you need a lap for the laptop). Folding table optional.
  • A head torch will prove very handy.
  • Other torches (candles inside tents are a reallly reallllly BAD idea).
  • Duct tape - good enough to hold the universe together, good enough for you.
  • Plastic bags (for garbage)
  • Hand sanitizer (nothing worse than dysentry)
  • Toilet paper (correction: nothing worse than dysentry with no toilet paper)
  • Trenching shovel - if you have one it can be handy for previous two comments)
  • Spare batteries for everything (torches etc, laptops, phones, whatever).
  • Generator, solar panels, bicycle based generator, wind turbine, some other cool and funky way of making power.

Hacking Stuff

  • Laptop make sure it is setup with all the tools, binaries, libraries you'll need to work on your project.
  • An extention cord or a powerboard with a long cord.
  • If you have it: network switch or hub, lots of blue string, some red string, power boards, surge protector, other geek toys.
  • Reference books (if there's no interwebs you might need them)
  • Note books & pens (keep them handy - you never know when you might want to jot something down)
  • A roll of labels can be handy and prevent confusion when its time to pack up.

Food and Drink

  • Food and drink of your choice. Caffiene and/or ethanol optional. You may want an eski.
  • Snack foods, 2 minute noodles, canned foods (tuna/salmon etc) crackers
  • Water: bring at least 10L of water per person.
  • Whatever else you like to drink (soft and alcoholic)
  • Something to eat off (plastic/disposable plates)
  • Something to eat with (disposable cutlery, chopsticks, etc)
  • Toiletries (tooth brush and paste, insect repellent, pain killers, barocca, your personal meds, etc)

Warm Clothes:

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