CodeCon Tasmania - Camping, Coding, Collaborating/ 2014/


In 2014, CodeCon Tasmania is located on 40 acres at Buckland on the scenic Tasman Highway, gateway to Tasmania's magestic East coast.


5150 Tasman Highway, Buckland (map)

Keep an eye out for the rainbows out the front. If you're coming from the South, the rainbows are not as visible as you'd expect.

Site Features:

  • Located just off a major highway
  • Only 5 minutes from Buckland
    • There's a pub
    • and a roadhouse with limited supplies
    • and nothing else. Nearest supplies are 25 minutes away in Orford or Sorell (30 minutes), so COME PREPARED :-D
  • Site is dry and elevated
  • There's a handy hard stand where a marquee will be erected for hacking

While this year's CodeCon Tasmania is on private property with water, plumbing, power and satellite intarwebs it is expected that you will be self-contained, which is also good preparation for future years when we'll be hitting more remote locations.

Site Reccies:

North-ish with a peacock
North-ish with a peacock
South-ish to the hill top
South-ish to the hill top
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