CodeCon Tasmania - Camping, Coding, Collaborating/ 2014/


Two pieces of local home grown pork roasts, rubbed with a mix of garlic powder, salt and olive oil.

The smoker was initially filled with hickory and oak chips, and stable at around 100degC due to the high wind, the temperature remained at 100 for most of the cooking process.

The pork was put in the smoker at 2.30pm, and finished at about 8.30pm. At 4.30pm and 6.30pm, the smoke box was replenished with chips, and fresh rosemary from a local bush. At 7.30pm with the meat still at 58deg internal, the heat was turned up to 175 in the smoker to finish off the cooking.

We pulled it out of the smoke at about 71degC internal, and served with a base of seeded mustard mash.

It was delicious.

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