CodeCon Tasmania - Camping, Coding, Collaborating/ 2014/


The programme is built by the attendees. It is hoped each participant will prepare a 5 to 30 minute talk on a project they are hacking on at present, or a hacking-type subject. Your presentation can also take the form of a problem or a question you'd like resolved. If you've never done this before, this is great and safe opportunity to give it a go.

To date, we have:

  • Craige McWhirter: The joy of Ikiwiki and how I use it's git back end for stream-lining staging / production workflows.
  • Scott Bragg: Arduino and ZigBee sensor networks around the property
  • Tom: Probably an exercise/music game
  • Tim: Learning Erlang, creating a 'package-update-notification-as-a-service' service
  • Josh: Some stuff to do with network decentralization, some stuff to do with Nodejs. All the fun things!
  • Mike: A Personal text based OTP Device
  • Julius: Arduino & Space the final frontier
  • Stew: That thing that everyone is always talking about
  • Other names here?: speaking on / demonstrating...?

Hardware hacking for low power devices seems appropriate :-D

Daytime Activities

No formal activities have been arranged during the day for Saturday, March 15th . Some suggestions are:

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